Everywhere I go as a business consultant, whether I am speaking to business owners, entrepreneurs or to CEOs about the expansion of their businesses, I am always asked questions about leading people and how to get staff to perform, customers to buy, etc.


I also get asked questions about how to make profits.


But very few people ask me how to bring more joy and value to one’s relationships and personal life so that those areas do not get left behind.


As your own boss, you are free to write and rewrite the rules as you see fit.


But as your own boss, you must also design a system of accountability for yourself towards the things that truly matter to you.


When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner or a friend?


Do you remember the last time you called someone special and important in your life, just to tell them, “I love you! I am so happy you are in my life”?


Well, it appeared to be hard to transform for entrepreneurs, especially when they are buried in work.


Being entrepreneurs, leaders, etc., they feel that they always need to do a lot in order to feel valuable and feel that they are “keeping up.”


But think about the most important thing for you, so important, that you would give your life for it.


Are you giving it the time, attention, and energy that it deserves, being so important to you?


Be honest. Are you really giving it your best, or are you consumed by the things that don’t matter?


I read an article by a nurse who spoke about the top 5 regrets which people have at their deathbed.


None of the patients surveyed mentioned “I wish I had worked one more day in my office.”


Many of them mentioned missed relationships or being more courageous to try the things which they have been wanting to try, or being more expressive with their feelings towards loved ones and friends. 


Yes, there is work to be done, bills to pay now, obligations to fulfill.


But how do you align all areas without the need to sacrifice the things that are important to you?



Hellen Chen


PS. Would it be a waste of time to learn how to manage your time, productivity, staff and sales processes such that you have time and money left over to pursue the things that matter?


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