Thanks all for joining me at Hellen Chen's Winning Leadership Seminar

I am so touched to see the attendees’ happy faces, and seeing everyone change before my eyes, gaining so much more confidence as a leader!! So happy to share about leadership with you. Your success make this the very best weekend for me!!!

Here are some stories shared:

I am learning so much today about how to get compliance from staff, and even from customers. It was a different approach than before. I learn to understand their mindset first, then share what I have to offer/ say. E.B

Leadership does not just happen at the workplace — it can be applied to EVERYTHING in life. I learn that it is OK to ask what others think about my ideas. I learn not to be afraid of rejection and be not afraid to ask. J.H

I understand now I can lead, and learn today how to actually LEAD. This seminar helps me understand what is real leadership. D.P

I like how this seminar teaches me how to communicate effectively with staff. I improved on how to get the staff to achieve the goal I set out to have them improve. J.R

I realized how much I could improve my own creativity and ideas. I have never thought about this, but knowing leadership skills can even help myself to live a happier life, have more self confidence, making others happier around me. D.R

I learn to ask first. Not wait for my staff to ask me for help. I also now understand what is important to become a better leader. M.B

I learn how to be more energetic, more creative, how to convey the ideas and how to inspire people and make it more enjoyable! D.B

I learn how to be a leader doesn’t mean to give orders only. I have to learn to listen to others as well. V. P

I learn the importance of defining leadership specifically for me. I see how I could strengthen my skill of influence on others. A.P

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