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“[陳海倫]積極推廣...生活成功管理學” --商業周刊

Dear Friend,

In this world full of uncertainty getting what you really want is not always as easy. However learning how to get a partner is not as hard as you thought.

All you need is to take care of certain things which will increase self-worth in front of your dream partner.

There are certain things which you must DO and definitely certain things which you must NOT DO!

Well, I don’t want to scare you but the truth is that in order to get something an effort HAS to be given in order to impress a potential soul mate.

I will teach you some simple facts to help you in your question on how to attract a girl or boy:

Proof That You Don't Have To Be A Superstar To Win A Girl Or Boy

Be yourself and getting the opposite sex to like you is easy.

But before we go into that, ask yourself, have you ever faced any of these problems in your life?

  • Feeling helpless and unable to act when it comes to the opposite sex.
  • You lack the tools and strategies needed for helping you overcome your nerves and stay calm.
  • You don’t have a proper support system needed to help you deal with your feeling.
  • Or you are totally clueless when it comes to dealing with your dream girl/boy and wonder what action to take next.

Well, you are not alone.

I’ve once walked down this lonely path and I told myself that I would do whatever it takes to figure out the key to freeing myself from my condition and get the mate I deserve.

And after years of experimentation and hardship, I’ve finally found the solution, which I want to share with you today.

I N T R O D U C I N G . .

“The Breakthrough Love Connection”

Woo Your Girl And Make Her Sigh Dreamily When She Thinks About You! Or Attract the Man Of Your Dream And Make Him Satisfy You With Happiness

Here’s An Overview Of This Ultimate Program To Woo The Person Of Your Dreams:

  • With our program, you’ll be equipped with the most powerful tools and strategies to helping you achieving calmness and plan your move 3 steps ahead.
  • You will also be exposed to plenty of highly effective methods for identifying the signals and efficiently act upon them.
  • You’ll also get tons of extra information on your conditions and how you can deal with them in a variety of ways to achieve the best out of you.

Let Me Shed Some Light On Some Things That May Be On Your Mind:

Will this help free me from my low self esteem?

Admittedly, some conditions are difficult to deal with. But with the tools and strategies provided in the guide, boosting your confident will become a much easier process and you will start seeing results fast!

Will I be able to implement these strategies easily?

Not necessarily – happy and successful lives are not build on easy street!

But the strategies for overcoming your condition have been mapped out clearly in our program so that anyone – whether a novice or beginner can start using it and achieve results fast!

Wow, this is too good to be true! Will this cost me a bomb?

Here’s the good news, NO. We want everybody to be able to have access to this great tools and strategies for achieving peace and serenity because we here at Heartbridge know what it was like, struggling as a hopeless sufferer without anyone to guide us…

Now that we have found the way, and live it every day, we want this ultimate guide to “jump start” your happiness regardless of how shy or introverted you are.

>>> Our Gift To You <<<

A FREE One-on-One Consultation

  • How to Strengthen Your Strong Points To Attract the Opposite Sex
  • How to Spot Your Weak Points That Are Hurting You Without You Knowing

And Most Importantly,

  • How to Get Rid Of Your Weak Points For Good

(A $150 Value)

Here’s What People Have Been Saying..

Joan H, Advertising Executive

I was approaching past 40 in age and yet I could not get settled down with marriage. After taking the class, I found the stops that were holding me back! I found my true love and he was the best thing that happen to me!”

Joan H, Advertising Executive
Henry G, Management Consultant

“I did not want to lose my lifestyle and freedom because of marriage. The class showed me how much I get to GAIN because of marriage and how important it is to find someone who is suitable for me! Until today, I can say my marriage has helped me to achieve greater heights in all aspects of my life!”

Henry G, Management Consultant
Thomas H, Sales

“Consultant Chen's workshop and class showed me how important it is to not let love be neglected while pursuing my career. I am very happy I listened to her. Because of taking the step to marry my current wife, I feel things are just falling in place so nicely. It gives me a peace of mind to work fully on my career.”

Thomas H, Sales
D. C. Business Owner

“I’ve dated 3 ladies in over a period of 10 years. After spending much time and energy with these potential partners, I could not settle down with any one of them. I was emotionally drained! Hellen's class and workshop pinpointed the exact mistakes I have made and showed me the right way to find my one and only. I was shock to find out how I had wasted time and yes, even money to date and going further and further away from my marriage goals! Well, with Hellen’s guidance, I got smarter this time. I found my one and only - my current wife within a short while. Now my wife and I are proud parents of 2 little boys. I love my family - I cannot thank Hellen for making my dream of a family come true!”

D. C. Business Owner
I. C, Sales Executive

“My marriage fell apart when my husband fell in love with someone else. I was totally devastated. Consultant Chen's program taught me how to stand up and rebuild my life. This process took a long time for me. I am happy to say that I am now enjoying a second marriage and a deeper relationship with my daughter. And amazingly, I have resolved all conflicts with my ex-husband and we have just attended our daughter’s wedding together. Don’t let adversities hold you back. Consultant Chen is the best teacher there is to learn how to turn adversities into the strength to build a better life!”

I. C, Sales Executive
S.W, Counselor

“After 2 failed marriages, I had lost hope in finding love. I had believed there were no partner out there that could be with me. Hellen helped me to get on track and regain my confidence. She showed me that real courage comes from not blaming but taking responsibilities to make life better for myself. I am now happily married for 7 years with my Prince Charming and have 2 lovely children.”

S.W, Counselor

If You’re Still Sitting On The Fence, Here’s 5 Great Reasons To Take Advantage Of This FREE CONSULTATION To Find Out How You Can Win The Girl Or Boy You Have Always Dreamed Of:

  • You’ll never have that feeling of frustration of not knowing how to handle your condition.
  • These secret effective strategies are known by only the top personal development gurus and you’ll finally be able to have access to these secrets.
  • Thousands of hours and money are wasted just because people fail to leverage on the right tools for helping them execute the right strategy.
  • Your friends will be begging you to tell them your secrets of success!
  • With your new found companion, not only personal happiness will become a reality, but believe it or not even you and your partners' career will take on new horizons.

In short 1 + 1 will equal much more than 2 in terms of earning money. You just got to trust me on that 🙂 Experience it and see it happening!!

P.S. Hurry! This Offer is only up for the next 50 fast action takers! It’s simply a capacity issue – sorry ! We don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

P.P.S Remember, It’s not how much you stand to gain, but how much you stand to lose out by not taking action.

P.P.P.S If you’re sick of others pestering you about getting a wife or a husband, or more devastating – if you are sick of only day-dreaming about that perfect partner -- it's time to start learning what is holding you back to get the partner of your dreams.

  • Do you really believe that it will get easier as you get older?
  • Or maybe it will be easier for you after you make more money?
  • Do you really believe that luck and faith will take care of it all ?

Sometimes luck does take care of meeting that special person,  – but I guarantee you that millions have screwed up their luck after it came by NOT knowing how to keep it!!

After all – finding that special one and keeping that special one are two different things, but have a common denominator nevertheless.

It's the knowledge of how to wow a girl or a boy – how to keep the flame burning forever.

Anyhow , a day lost of being in love cannot really be measured in sadness – it can not be caught up with – ever!!

And you and me know that a day of lost love and happiness turns easy into a year and even a decade.

Today might be the best time to act, just from pure mathematics-, never mind that you don't want to spend another day without that special boy or girl.

Our “The Breakthrough Love Connection”

>>> Our Gift To You <<<

A FREE One-on-One Consultation

  • How to Strengthen Your Strong Points To Attract the Opposite Sex
  • How to Spot Your Weak Points That Are Hurting You Without You Knowing

And Most Importantly,

  • How to Get Rid Of Your Weak Points For Good


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