Thanks all who came to Hellen Chen’s Winning Leadership Seminar!

We did have a hot discussion about leadership, relationships and communication, didn’t we? ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for your success stories shared — they made this weekend incredibly special for me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are what some of the attendees wrote/said:

“I learned what are the needed basics to really make any relationship go well. Without having these basics in, the best words said would not mean much.” โ€” Yan S

” As a leader, I must be clear and certain on what exactly I wish to lead. I had been putting my attention on problems but this seminar taught me to put the attention back on the goal. ” โ€” Steve C

“Wow! Today I find out in any communication, I can create the positive reactions in another. I am in control, and never need to be affected what another present to me.” โ€” Veronica C

“I love the energy level in Hellen’s seminar. In sales, I was used to only talking about my Academic achievements. But I learn now how to express much more and to give creativity in what I say and how I sell!” โ€” Dr Charles C

“How to win the trust in any relationships, from selling to leadership to family โ€” surprisingly it is not about what words to say. The basics of communication as Hellen teaches in this seminar is really key to winning over anybody!!” โ€” Wayne. L

“On what Hellen has shared about love and relationships, I used to think I can’t spend more time with my wife because of being busy. But I learn today it is not the amount of time spent, but the quality of the time spent that counts. Simple words of appreciation can make a big difference.” โ€” Eugene B.

“When Hellen spoke about how it is not about trying to count how many hours we spent working, but how we can be more productive in our lives, this woke me up. I see how I could increase my income, have more time, enjoy personal hobbies and relationships — it is all possible now! ” โ€” Jean C

“I have had a hard time to motivate my MLM team to achieve their targets and goals. Hellen’s seminar showed me what I have missed. And missing these vital communication factors, I see how it affected my sales in my own office and it had even affected my relationship with family. This seminar is for those who really wants fruitful relationships in all aspects of life.” โ€” Cathy G.

“I learned how to be creative in leadership, in communication, in all areas of life. I know now there are no excuses to not improve or become better. Even with not having the resources, I now know I can create “magic.” Thanks Hellen for sharing so much!! โ€” Victor P