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How To Get Rid Of Self-Doubt, Unhappy Moods, Lack Of Motivation --
in order to Achieve Vitality, Success and Confidence In All Areas Of Your Life!

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“[陳海倫]積極推廣...生活成功管理學” --商業周刊

Is Low Energy, Self-Esteem, Easily Sick -- Making You Unhappy And Your Career Uneventful?

There is a time when emotions, such as

  • Fear,
  • Worry,
  • Anger,
  • Sadness,
  • Exhaustion,
  • Nervousness etc.

are rather normal and in fact when NOT having them might be a problem.

Not having respect (fear) from a hungry tiger trying to get you , or not getting at least a bit mad when a guy stands there and burns down your house for no good reason  would indeed show that something is "wrong."

Thus those emotions, when suitable are needed and part of life.

Being extremely sad when mom is sick or passes away is normal, but is it normal to run around with a sad face 15 years later?

Is it normal to worry about being cheated –be it in business, love, friendship – even though it happened once or twice -- and then worry about it always and refrain from ever going into the next relationship or business opportunity?

Always analyzing what friend, bosses and loved ones meant when they were speaking or behaving and then being worried or offended by what they said or did?

No!! These non-stop worries are not normal!

There Are Even Lies Being Told To You, Such As:

  • That's the way you are. You cannot change.
  • If you muster enough "control," you can overcome those negative emotions.
  • Time will heal -- hopefully.
  • Making more money may get rid of some of your unhappiness.

These lies are only telling you that you are resigned to live with negative emotions forever, and have to depend on circumstances beyond your control to make yourself happy or not.

Negativity or having uncontrollable emotions are simply not part of your original make-up. There are hidden enemies causing those negative emotions!

Having emotions which really cannot be warranted are called MIS-EMOTIONS.

And everyone around you as well as even you know when you have mis-emotions – you might be the last person to know it BUT you usually DO after the whole situation has passed by.

Being emotional is not a bad thing and make up life.

Mis-emotions however are ruining people's life every day.

Mis-emotions are NOT ONLY making social life and professional life difficult due to all those unwarranted reactions  but can make a person:

  • Depressed and take drugs
  • Lose confidence and start doubting self.
  • Become overly worried about money, security etc.
  • Worried about things being too good and MUST soon get worse
  • Low tolerance to smell, noise, temperature, and confrontations
  • Nervous about keeping or finding true love.
  • Worried about not able to keep up with what other people expect you to do.
  • Lie or cheat.
  • Commit "repeated" mistakes though you know what's supposed to be done.
  • Can't express feelings openly and easily for fear of what others may say.
  • Timid about approaching your boss for promotion.
  • Refrain from being professionally successful and much more.

Restraining yourself from acting up, feeling bad, sad, angry or getting medicated are not working well as it is seen by the growing numbers of depressions, fears, apparent incompetence and suicides in people, -- even in young people

The solution lies somewhere else -- something simple -- something seemingly no one yet found out, but something which can definitely be fixed permanently !

Once and forever that is!!

Free from unwanted emotions and free to enjoy the real emotions, be it happiness, sadness, anger .


"The Healthy Mind" Program

>>> Our Gift To You <<<

A One-On-One Consultation

On How To Get Rid Of Self-Doubt, Unhappy Moods, Lack Of Motivation, To Achieve The Success In All Areas Of Your Life. (Vitality, Confidence, Personal Success)

What you will find out in this consultation:

  • The source of your unwanted mis-emotions
  • And most importantly: How to get rid of these hidden enemies within you that are holding you back

How Does Our Program Work?

people-brainYou probably know that our mind does record and store things we experience – of course you do!

But what might be new to you is that our mind records any and all senses such as feel, smell, touch, sight etc.

And here comes the secret of why we have emotions hunting us like a ghost.

You see those unwanted emotions are nothing but pictures taken from the past and brought up now, but YOU think that those pictures belong there now – you believe that those pictures  (unwanted un-fitting emotions) are happening now.

It's a little bit like a stuck slide projector. An old slide is stuck and doesn't go away. It simply shows the wrong picture.

Imagine if you make decisions based on the wrong picture.

Basically you are getting mad, fearful, depressed, and even ill because of a past incident that was recorded , and all its emotions and actions get put on display at totally unwanted, un-predictable times whether you want it or not .

Thus you act not as you want but as you are “ordered “ by this past recordings.

You cannot differentiate from where those bad feelings come from. You always will believe that the current situation makes you angry, fearful, depressed, ill, etc.. Even most lies that people tell are actually only unfitting past pictures speaking. That person is not necessary a liar but has past pictures acting up.

It is NOT your fault that you are “acting up “ like this .

It's often also not your spouses' or bosses' fault when they are acting up totally irrationally.

It’s like having a computer, but someone entered a virus which mixes up the data in your computer.

Now every time you turn on your computer, it comes up with wrong and erroneous answers and will behave irrationally.

If you keep using this irrational data from the computer you would create problems for yourself and others.


You would dispose of it very fast.

I am sure you agree with me there too!

But this is what happens to your mind when it shows you pictures from your past but obviously do not match the current environment.

Our "Healthy Mind Program" Will Show You

How To Sort Out Or Clean Out Those Past Recordings. So That They Don't Make You Feeling Or Acting Out Of Place.

Let me give you an example where such a past recording showing up in present time could be a benefit -- just not for you:

A cat which burns its nose on the hot stove, will most likely never get too close to that stove anymore – especially if it feels heat coming from it.

Good survival for a cat and all animals in the wilderness use this for their survival.

Now imagine you burning your hand on that hot stove while cooking, and now never entering the kitchen any more or never turning on the stove anymore because the picture of this burning incident is stuck in your mind.

Imagine you force yourself entering the kitchen or turning on the stove because you after all have no choice. You must cook for yourself and your family.

Either way, you will feel uncomfortable, feel bad everything you have to cook or just think about cooking -- you might even develop small illnesses because you have to force yourself to do something you think you don't like, or you think is dangerous.

As said, maybe this mechanism is useful to animals, and perhaps could be called "instinct."

But is very cumbersome or limiting to humans.

Keep in mind that those stuck pictures coming up at the wrong moment can command you to act irrationally in many different situations. Such as:

  • Unhappy womanBeing fearful of doing certain business actions ,
  • Fearful of talking to a particular person
  • Upset about things which should not upset you
  • Sad or depressed or feeling hateful for no good reason
  • Basically too often unhappy
  • Being in a bad mood at the drop of a needle

A life with unwanted emotion is basically a sub-standard life no matter whether it is filled with other success such as making a lot of money.

Have you ever met people with lots of money and yet are:

  • Unhappy?
  • Angry about every dime they might loose?
  • Constant in fear of the world turning against them?

What about a pretty girl which yet is very unsecure?

Or a person who is smart, good-looking, healthy, but is worried about everything and has little self-confidence in many areas of life?

It’s a sad story – and does not have to be !

In short, they have unreasonable unfitting emotions which even they themselves do not want but can't help of having and thus write them off as “THAT’S ME “ and “that’s the way it is”

While of course still being not quite as happy or relaxed as they would love to be.

If those people would get rid of those unwanted emotions, they would not only be happier, healthier (as we all know having negative emotions is very unhealthy to the body)

Without Unwanted Emotions, People Would Also Be Even More Successful No Matter How Successful They Already Are.

If your energy is not consumed up by being angry, fearful, worried, overcoming shyness, etc , then you will have more energy left to be creative and productive and that’s the way it is.


A One-On-One Consultation

On How To Get Rid Of Self-Doubt, Unhappy Moods, Lack Of Motivation, Unwanted Mis-Emotions!

What you will find out in this consultation:

  • The source of your unwanted mis-emotions
  • And most importantly: How to get rid of these hidden enemies within you that are holding you back

Imagine Having the Wisdom Of The Old, And The Zest, Energy and Willingness To Experience and Love For Life As the Young!

What that means is:

  • You will be able to be romantic when being romantic would be the good thing.
  • Being skeptical, but being able to express it in a calm and diplomatic manner without having to avoid more conversations about the topic.
  • Being right down harsh or demanding when the situation warrants it, but not just because it overcomes you
  • Being cheerful at a cheerful situation and not having to be stuck in a bad mood from some current (and even real) problems at work, or home or whatever
  • Imagine to be able to have a conversation with your parents or kids without exploding about the disagreement – but without giving in either.

Our private consulting session will sort this all out and you will go "OHH, that’s why …… wow that actually funny – you will actually laugh out loud – (I am not kidding as it ALWAYS happens) and those recordings , those pictures, those unwanted or untimely emotions, feelings will be gone!!

What about the person who always "waste" money or time or can't take care of relationships? He/she knows it and wants to change -- so they say -- but they can’t help themselves.

We start calling them liars, just as we do that with other people who promises in tears, not to beat the wife any more, but do it again anyhow, -- there are many examples with many people where we think that the person s NOT sincere.

BUT what do you think is the cause of their “insincerity”?

Past pictures, past recordings of some of your emptions being re-stimulated and forcing you, giving you NO choice whatsoever – to follow the "script" of those recordings.

Unwanted emotions in full motion!

ONLY our special consultation session can fix this situation.

Let me repeat this:

ONLY Our Special Consultation
Can Fix This!!

A One-On-One Consultation

On How To Get Rid Of Self-Doubt, Unhappy Moods, Lack Of Motivation, Unwanted Mis-Emotions!

What you will find out in this consultation:

  • The source of your unwanted mis-emotions
  • And most importantly: How to get rid of these hidden enemies within you that are holding you back

"I am a sports coach and being fast, agile and quick-thinking while playing sports is very important. This program unleashed the reasons why I have stopped making significant progress in my field and also in my life. I can say I am a very different person now than before."

- Ling C.

"When my marriage failed because of my infidelity, I woke up to the fact that my life was going down the drain. This program precisely identified the reason of how I have the compulsion to be unfaithful. Since then, I found the real me and changed 180 degree. And I am happily married for many years now to a beautiful and understanding wife."

- Jim W

"Work hard, make ends meet -- that's what I thought I must do. But slowly, my husband and I become more and more apart. And my children felt I was never there for them. This consultation located the exact area of "worry" and remove the source. I finally can love my family, without worry and without any need to sacrifice."

- Michelle C

"This consultation amazed me. I think I know myself very well -- after all, I have attended many self-improvement classes. But I find out how much burden from the past I still carry -- my failed business, and even my failed schooling. The fear of failure suddenly is gone. I can act in my current business and plan for expansion!"

- Peter C

To Receive Your Special Consultation, You Must First Do An Interview To Assess What Needs To Be Done To Help You In The Area You Want Help.

After all, NOT all your "funny" behavior is past unwanted emotions, but is simply you and NOT necessary has to be fixed.

So, we are not so interested what your mom, spouse, boss, friends want you to get rid of, but what YOU deem to be unwanted emotions or behavior or feelings –whatever you call it.

Anyhow, this interview takes about 3-5 hours in our center in Taipei.

It includes a variety of assessments and frankly chances are high that you will feel better right there.

The normal cost for something like that is about 19,000 NT

However if you make a reservation for a slot right now we will give it to you for free !!

Yes -- There most likely will be more private consultation needed .

You FREE consultation is NOT going to fix it all .
But you will see how it works and THAT it works.

Your consultant will also let you know about any further step and you will be able to make an intelligent decision on how to progress.

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One More Reason To Act Now And Reserve Yourseat.

We have never done a big promotion like this in the last 12 years in business – ever - and thus we will have very, very limited spots.

In fact, we can only give 45 such free consultations to eliminate your un–wanted emotions due to the availability of our consultants.

This service is EXTREMELY personalized.

We Only Have So Much Capacity In Order To Still Serve Every One Well

A One-On-One Consultation

On How To Get Rid Of Self-Doubt, Unhappy Moods, Lack Of Motivation, Unwanted Mis-Emotions!

What you will find out in this consultation:

  • The source of your unwanted mis-emotions
  • And most importantly: How to get rid of these hidden enemies within you that are holding you back

STOP-SIGNUnwanted emotions do NOT get weaker with time – time does NOT heal all things -- surely not those unwanted emotions.

They always come back – until they are gotten rid of in a very systematic and professional way (this is NOT psychology or psychiatry hypnosis.)

Those unwanted emotions not only won’t go away – no matter what else you do – but will actually grow stronger and stronger and stronger, and accelerate your downward spiral.

You know – one can see the need for change all day long – one can in fact see the need for change all life long, but still never really do anything.

Before one does not demand improvement against any and all odds, one usually does not get improvement .

That’s just how it is.

So,if you think that getting rid of some unwanted emotions and start feeling better about yourself, and thus be immensely more success full in many – if not all areas of life then demand that improvement and sign up for your life repair package now.

After all what do you have to lose?

A bunch of un-wanted mis-emotions?

Press That Button To Set Your Interview Now !

A One-On-One Consultation

What you will find out in this consultation:

  • The source of your unwanted mis-emotions
  • And most importantly: How to get rid of these hidden enemies within you that are holding you back

About Hellen Chen's Heart Bridge Consulting:

Hellen Chen, President of Heartbridge Consulting

Hellen Chen, President of Heartbridge Consulting

Hellen Chen's Heart Bridge Consulting is most well-known for assisting individuals to achieve goals related to work performance, career advancement. mental clarity, betterment of relationships in family and marriage and achievement of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The founder Hellen Chen is an international speaker and has lectured to tens of thousands of individuals around the world. She is a bestselling author of 26 books.

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