Hellen Chen's Love Seminar Series Presents


A Workshop on Relationships Specially Created For Men and Women
(whether single, in a relationship, or married)

3-Times Bestselling Author, Relationship Master,
International Speaker Hellen Chen

April 28, 2018
2pm - 5pm PST

Anyone can join the event from any location via live Internet access.

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"Chen shares the biggest secret
to make a relationship lasting and deep..."
-- ABC News

Featured In The Media:

Dear Hardworking Professionals,

When we were in school, many of us have been taught that academic achievements would get us a secure job and a chance to "make it" in the working world.

Thus the most important lessons have always been academic lessons.

Some of us are encouraged to take lessons to pursue our interests -- whether it is pursuing sports or arts or just developing an entrepreneur mind etc.

After we have stepped into the working world, career usually becomes the most important aspect of our life -- after all, the pressure to make it in most professions is huge.

Here are a few questions:

Have you ever learned about how to love your spouse deeper every year regardless of how long you have been married?

For singles or divorcees, have you wondered why some relationships of yours last and some don't? [And how you should not place the bet that the next partner will be better...until you learn about the Number One "partner selection" mistake most people make!]

Have you ever considered that -- no matter how "obvious" another person may be at fault -- the real problem may actually lie in YOU?

Here is what you will learn:

  • Is "love-u-forever" possible? Don't relationships go stale after some years? This event will shed light on why this is a big misconception and how to change it.
  • The number one killer of any relationship: keeping quiet about what you don't like about your partner.
  • The number two killer of any relationship: giving everything you can to the relationship and sacrificing your own goals.
  • Intimacy: can you experience a deeper and more satisfying closeness than sex?
  • If you are looking for the right partner, stop wasting your time to "date."
  • Money, looks, chemistry, trust -- what really matters to make love last?
  • How to use the strength of a sound relationship to improve your career, wealth and health and happiness!

Hellen Chen's Love-U-Forever Relationship Seminar is specially tailor-made for working professionals to use the strength of a sound relationship to drastically improve other areas of life including career and prosperity and health and happiness!

You have taken lessons for your profession. Now is the time to take the life-long lessons for being a lover, a husband, a wife and/or a parent!

Attend Hellen Chen's Love-You-Forever
Relationship Seminar

Date: April 28, 2018
Location: Hilton Hotel San Gabriel (near Los Angeles)
Note: If you are interested in the event but you cannot travel to Los Angeles, call (800) 912-0510 to find out how you can attend the seminar from any laptop, tablet or your phone. You can listen, see and interact with Hellen Chen from the comfort of your location.
Hours: 2pm to 5pm PST
Registration Line: (800) 912-0510

Hellen Chen's work is featured in over 200 media publications in 20 countries:

About the Speaker and Relationship Master Hellen Chen


Bestselling Author, Unorthodox Matchmaker, Relationship Master Hellen Chen

Hellen Chen's work in family, marriage and personal developments are featured in over 200 media publications in 20 countries including America, Taiwan, China, Spain, India, Finland, United Arab Emirates, etc.
hellenpicsmallShe has worked with top CEOs, business owners, doctors and skilled professionals who would like to make a difference in their relationships with their better halves.

Chen has been a frequent guest on US network radio programs, and TV shows on FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC etc.

As a #1 bestselling author, Hellen has written 26 books so far.  Her most recent English title, "The Matchmaker of the Century," which features real-life stories of couples she has helped, became a best seller on Barnes and Noble in 6 categories:

  • #1 Best Selling book in Love and Romance
  • #1 Best Selling book in Relationships
  • #1 Best Selling book in Marriage
  • #1 Best Selling Book in Self-Help
  • #1 Best Selling Book in Self-Improvement
  • #1 Best Selling Book in Parenting and Family

What Do Men and Women Say about Hellen Chen's Love Seminar?

"I have been married for 20 years and I have thought passion in marriage is something for the younger couples . I am surprised to find there are so much more degrees of love in my marriage. I am falling in love with my husband all over again!" -- Meg H., Sales Executive


hellen_1couple3"The skills taught in this event goes beyond marriage. I am able to apply the concepts in my practice and create a deeper trusting relationship with my patients, thus selling more of my services. Attend this event if you want to have both your marriage and your career going well." -- Jake S., Health care professional


"I thought I have done all I could for my family and marriage.  This seminar hellen_1couple2showed me how sacrificing my personal goals was very unnecessary and in fact hurting myself! It took some time but I started to pursue my goals and I am now happier and a better wife and mom!" -- Veronica C., Administrative Executive


"I have gone in and out of relationships hoping to find someone who I can be with for the rest of my life. I did not realize how much time I have wasted until 15 years have gone by. After the seminar, I changed my approach. I am now happily married with a wonderful man. With my husband, we started a new career which allows us to travel and make a 6 figure income." -- Joan H., Business Owner


" When I learned about my wife's infidelity, I was crushed. Hellen helped me went through this crisis and today, I can say my wife and I have such a deep trust and understanding for each other -- this is the relationship we have never dreamt we could have!" -- Matthew C., Director and Producer


hellen_1couple"After my divorce, I have lost hope and could not trust love.  Hellen showed me how to rebuild my confidence and now in my new marriage, I rediscover the strength I have to create the perfect marriage I want. And I would never have to compromise who I am to make this relationship last!"
-- Angel S., Designer



"When my wife passed away, I had felt angry and upset. My children could not come close to me. Hellen's relationship principles helped me get on my feet and gave me the courage to start a new relationship. I found my current partner and it is the best decision I have made." -- Johnson C., Business Owner


"Don't waste time in dating endlessly. This is the biggest lesson I learned from Hellen. Know what you want and go for the ultimate love relationship. It is not that there are no good partners around. The biggest person stopping myself is me!"
-- Susan Y., Nurse

"Hellen Chen's seminar assists both singles and married couples to have a satisfying relationship that can align with professional and personal goals..."

How to Register:

  • The regular price is $499 per person (Or $450 a person for a couple registration). Call (800)-912-0510 to get our special phone price.
  • This is a limited seating event. Please call directly at 800-912-0510 to check for availability or click below to leave your information and we will contact you right away:

If you are from out of town and would like to stay at a hotel:

The Hilton Los Angeles/San Gabriel hotel is located in the historic city of San Gabriel, 11 hellen_1hotelmiles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Attractions within a short drive include Santa Anita Race Track, Dodger Stadium, Universal Studio, Hollywood, Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. Less than 25 miles from Bob Hope (BUR) Airport and 30 minutes away from Los Angeles (LAX) International, the Hilton Los Angeles/San Gabriel hotel is conveniently located for downtown LA and beyond.

Tel: (626) 270-2700

"Hellen Chen's Love-You-Forever Relationship Seminar will show men and women how to find or use the strength of a sound relationship to expand other areas of their life including career and prosperity and health and HAPPINESS..."

Call 800-912-0510 to register

Here’s the FAQ SECTION – Because I know you’ll have some questions!

1) My partner does not like to come to such events. How can I convince him/her to come?

Don’t try to do that. Attend the event yourself and see what YOU can do to help both of you. If your intention is to try to change another person, you will be disappointed and lose. Attend this event because YOU want to improve and change. This attitude will put you in control!

2) I have failed many times in relationships. I don’t think I am suitable to get into any relationship.

Don’t give up. Deep inside your heart, we know you like to have a loving and lasting relationship. You are simply missing some tools to get to what you want. Come and join us at the seminar. Don’t let the missing tools stop you from gaining a lifetime of happiness!

3) My situation is very special. I don’t think this event can help.

Try and communicate your special situation to us. If we don’t think we can help, we will be the first one to tell you too. We want you to get the best out of this event. Please contact us.

4) I am interested but I cannot travel to attend the event.

For anyone who cannot travel the distance to Los Angeles, call (800) 912-0510 to find out how you can attend the seminar from any laptop, tablet or your phone. You can listen, see and interact with Hellen Chen from the comfort of your location.

5) I have more questions which are not covered here.

Great! We welcome your inquiries.
Call us at 1-800-912-0510 or fill out the form below:

Note: Registration to our seminar is non-refundable. If you could not make it for the event for any reason, your payment will be credited towards our next seminar.

Bestselling author and relationship expert, Hellen Chen was interviewed twice the VoiceAmerica radio show "Transformation for Success".

Host Dr. Barbara Young and Ms. Chen discussed a range of topics, including marriage, family and parenting issues, individual empowerment, business success, and her bestselling book "The Matchmaker of the Century".

Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 here: