Love Seminar: To Love and Be Loved is an Ability (2 Days)

Many men and women enter into marriage with the idea that they could change the behavior of their partner.” Chen says, “That’s wrongful thinking and the relationship often ends up in disaster.”

Hellen encourages singles to not spend time and money and energy to go around dating but to look for someone who seriously want to enter marriage.

When asked about why dating a lot to find the right partner does not work, Chen explained in a recent Fox TV interview, “When people date a lot before they get married, their hearts get broken once too often and these bad experiences accumulate. These bad experiences even carry into their marriage and the moment they encounter seemingly insurmountable hardships in the relationship, they break-off easily as they think the next gal or guy would be better.”

According to Chen, a marriage is not about what another person could give to self but a chance for self to learn how to give to another.

Join us in this 2 day seminar with the “Matchmaker of the Century” Hellen Chen where she takes into consideration the different cases of the participants during the session and answers all their questions while training and helping them learn how to improve their relationships.

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Marriage Expert and Bestselling Author Hellen Chen

Marriage Expert and Bestselling Author Hellen Chen

Hellen Chen is an international speaker, best-selling author and management consultant and an authority on the subject of relationships.

As an expert consultant, she has been invited to give her advice on marriages, family and parenting issues, individual empowerment and business success on numerous TV, radio, magazine and newspapers interviews across countries like USA, Spain, United Arabs Emirates, Finland, Taiwan, China, Singapore, India, Japan etc.



Date:  January 16
Time:  2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Cost: 1798.00 for 2 days


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