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“Instead of looking for a perfect partner, or complaining your current partner is not good enough, why not learn how to become a better person yourself first?” — Hellen Chen

Marriage Expert Hellen Chen teaching working professionals how to have a relationship that is as successful as their career

Marriage Expert Hellen Chen teaching working professionals how to have a relationship that is as successful as their career

Bestselling author and matchmaker extraordinaire Hellen Chen has a mission in hand. After helping at least 100 singles who had a hard time to find a partner to get married, she continues to travel the world lecturing to tens of thousands of men and women on how to live “happily ever after” with their prince and princess. 

She is arriving in Dubai from Jan 9-12 to deliver a special seminar on love and relationships.

Chen’s famous advice of “marriage first, date later” is a shocker for most who are used to the concept of dating carefully first before selecting the right partner for marriage.

This unconventional matchmaker has however used this philosophy to successfully match couples together who then stay together. She encouraged singles to not spend time and money and energy to go around dating but to look for someone who seriously want to enter marriage. 

When asked about why dating a lot to find the right partner does not work, Chen explained in a recent Fox TV interview, “When people date a lot before they get married, their hearts get broken once too often and these bad experiences accumulate. These bad experiences even carry into their marriage and the moment they encounter seemingly insurmountable hardships in the relationship, they break-off easily as they think the next gal or guy would be better.”

According to this matchmaker, a marriage is not about what another person could give to self but a chance for self to learn how to become a better person. 

“I am blessed with a great marriage, having met my Prince Charming 20 years ago.  But that is not the reason why I encourage marriage.” said Chen, whose main profession is actually the CEO of an international management consulting company. “I encourage marriage because that is the initial goal of most people. And a sound marriage can bring so much happiness and even freedom to a person’s life.”

As a boss who liked to see her employees being well-rounded in all areas of life, Chen engaged in matchmaking initially because of simply wanting to help her employees who were having problems in finding the right marriage partners.

“Everyone I met has at one point longed for a great relationship. But after one’s own failures or seeing another failing at their relationships, that desire turned into disbelief and turned into hopelessness.”  said Chen.

From a deep passion about marriage, Chen started to help the people around her find their match and stay in marriage afterwards. She wrote 25 books on the subject and her book “The Matchmaker of the Century” became a number one best seller in marriage books at Barnes and Noble.

To bring her message about managing love and relationships, Chen gets on over 200 international media interviews and publications in 20 countries and also actively holds training workshops to teach singles and couples how to improve the quality of love in their life. 

Her workshop “Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar” to assist working professionals to find and keep a lasting relationship will be coming to Dubai on Jan 9-12.

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