Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar in LA

How to Find and Use The Strength of Love to Improve Career, Prosperity and Even Health

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Dear Romantic,

Have you ever looked across the dinner table and wondered if it’s WORTH IT?

Or asked yourself if the person asleep beside you is FINALLY the one?

Or looked at your friends and questioned WHY THEIR relationships work but yours doesn’t?

If these sound like the questions in your head, then there are two things I desperately need to tell you.


The clock is counting down to the moment you’ll realize the truth.

The Problem With Love Is…

• You can’t find the right person to settle down with — the one who has similar goals or who are at your wavelength.

• Your career keeps you so occupied that you don’t even have time to think about any relationships!

• You are married but there are no more love sparks like the first day you fall in love.

• You and your partner are just living routine life. You don't feel you could tell him/her everything.

• You are not sure if you want to continue with him/her.

• You like to eventually get married — but your partner has no plans.

• You don’t want another breakup. You want something that last!

Living with thoughts like this is like existing in a half world. You can WASTE YOUR WHOLE LIFE in this space.

Not knowing for sure one way or another, not knowing what you really want and as a result, never finding out what true love feels like.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Discover How To Find and Enjoy a Happy Relationship with the One and Only Who Will Laugh with You, Be with You, Love You for the Rest of Your Life!


The True-Love-and- Lasting-Happy-Relationship Seminar.

Saturday May 20 2017

This is the way to open the door to love in your lifeand your heart. It’s for everyone who believes there’s something more in this life and it’s the 16th seminar in an exclusive series taught by relationship master Hellen Chen.

This Is Who They’re Calling the
“Relationship Master”


• Hellen Chen is a multiple time #1 bestselling author and relationship master.

• She has written 26 books on family, marriage and personal development and has been featured in over 200 media publications in 20 countries.

• She’s a highly sought-after performance coach in management, leadership and human relations.

• Hellen lectures all over the US and Asia, helping tens of thousands people obtain simple and workable solutions to otherwise complex life problems.

• And, she’s been happily married for over 26 years!

Hellen Chen’s work is featured in over 200 publications
in 20 countries.


“…brings a fresh new look on marriage in the modern world.” — Yahoo News

CBS NEWS LOGO“…sheds light on why modern dating is failing.” – CBS News

AsianWeek“…brought together many couples who had been resistive about marriage in the first place..” – Asian Week

Logo_de_la_Agencia_EFE“…in a competitive society where career and work come first, Chen talks about establishing a family as the first step…” – EFE [Largest Spanish News Network]

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Is spending an afternoon worth the chance at being happily ever after?

This ground breaking workshop series will bring about a true shift of heart.

Happily ever after is possible – here are JUST SOME of the things you’ll discover.

• How to “guarantee” the HAPPINESS of your relationship — no matter who your partner is?

• If you are single, stop wasting your time on dating if your goal is to have a lasting relationship. Hellen will show you what you need to do instead.

• Do you feel you could never TALK to your partner? Or they never understand you nor listen to you? Come and learn how you could change all that!

• Money, looks, social status, trust — what really matter in a relationship and HOW do you choose what is the best relationship for YOU?

• Infidelity issues – if your partner has cheated or you have cheated, is it worthwhile to salvage such relationship? Can there be a happy future for this relationship?

• Do you have to compromise what you like to do to make your partner happy? Hellen will share with you why sacrificing yourself is the worst thing to do.

• You are all occupied with work. But did you know a right relationship can boost your career, wealth and health? How do you get into that “right” relationship which will fit your career and lifestyle?

• Divorced: how to overcome the pain of the past failure and make the right adjustments to get the right partner? ( Most people carry their issues that ignited the divorce to their next relationships. Learn how you could discover and get rid of your own personal weak spots before they trip you up again!)





This Seminar Will Change
The Way You Love.

With 20 years of experience lecturing in 3 continents, Hellen’s goal is to help each attendee find an answer to their individual problem.

Here’s what people have been saying…

691717_14326119“I was approaching past 40 in age and yet I could not get settled down with marriage. After taking Hellen’s course, I found the stops that were holding me back! I found my true love and he was the best thing that happen to me!” Joan H – Advertising Executive

“I did not want to lose my lifestyle and freedom because of marriage. Hellen showed me how much I get to GAIN because of marriage and how important it is to find someone who is suitable for me! Until today, I can say my marriage has helped me to achieve greater heights in all aspects of my life!” — Henry G, Management Consultant.316481_4143

“Hellen showed me how important it is to not let love be neglected while pursuing my career. I am very happy I listened to her. Because of taking the step to marry my current wife, I feel things are just falling in place so nicely. It gives me a peace of mind to work fully on my career.” — Thomas H, Sales

Davis“I’ve dated 3 ladies in over a period of 10 years. After spending much time and energy with these potential partners, I could not settle down with any one of them. I was emotionally drained! Hellen pinpointed the exact mistakes I have made and showed me the right way to find my one and only. I was shock to find out how I had wasted time and yes, even money to date and going further and further away from my marriage goals! Well, with Hellen’s guidance, I got smarter this time. I found my one and only — my current wife within a short while. Now my wife and I are proud parents of 2 little boys. I love my family — I cannot thank Hellen for making my dream of a family come true!” — Davis C. Administrator

Irene“My marriage fell apart when my husband fell in love with someone else. I was totally devastated. Hellen taught me how to stand up and rebuild my life. This process took a long time for me. I am happy to say that I am now enjoying a second marriage and a deeper relationship with my daughter. And amazingly, I have resolved all conflicts with my ex-husband and we have just attended our daughter’s wedding together. Don’t let adversities hold you back. Hellen is the best teacher there is to learn how to turn adversities into the strength to build a better life!” — Irene C, Sales Executive.

“After 2 failed marriages, I had lost hope in finding love. I had believed there were no partner out there that could be with me. Hellen helped me to get on track and regain my confidence. She showed me that real courage comes from not blaming but taking responsibilities to make life better for myself. I am now happily married for 7 years with my Prince Charming and have 2 lovely children.” — Sandy W, Counselor

Be one of the few who unlocks the secrets of ever lasting love.

This is a limited-seating event.

We would love to accommodate everyone but we simply can’t. It’s not too late to get the love life you have been wishing for!

So please join us…

Date: May 20 2017 Saturday
Seminar Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM Sat, 2:00PM-5:00PM Sun
Doors Open: 1:30PM (Workshop will start on time, please arrive early)
Location: Hilton Hotel, 225 West Valley Blvd San Gabriel, CA 91776
Cost: $388 (early bird pricing will end on April 30th or while limited tickets last. Regular price is $499.)
Couples: 2x$350 (early bird pricing will end on April 30th)



Here’s the FAQ SECTION – Because I know you’ll have some questions!

1) My partner does not like to come to such events. How can I convince him/her to come?

Don’t try to do that. Attend the event yourself and see what YOU can do to help both of you. If your intention is to try to change another person, you will be disappointed and lose. Attend this event because YOU want to improve and change. This attitude will put you in control!

2) I have failed many times in relationships. I don’t think I am suitable to get into any relationship.

Don’t give up. Deep inside your heart, we know you like to have a loving and lasting relationship. You are simply missing some tools to get to what you want. Come and join us at the seminar. Don’t let the missing tools stop you from gaining a lifetime of happiness!

3) My situation is very special. I don’t think this event can help.

Try and communicate your special situation to us. If we don’t think we can help, we will be the first one to tell you too. We want you to get the best out of this event. Please write us HERE.

4) I have more questions which are not covered here.

Great! We welcome your inquiries.
Call us at 1-800-912-0510 or simply write us HERE.

So Don’t Wait – Do It Now – It’s Easier Than You Think To Experience The Love Story You Have Ever Dreamed About


Note: Registration to our seminar is non-refundable. If you could not make it for the event for any reason, your payment will be credited towards our next seminar.