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Sept. 26, 27 2014

 Love Seminar in Dubai by
Bestselling Author & Relationship Master
Hellen Chen

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“Hellen Chen spills the secrets on why divorce rates are on the rise…” [Emirates 247 ] 

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yahoo-news-image“…brings a fresh new look on marriage in the modern world.” — Yahoo News

CBS NEWS LOGO“…sheds light on why modern dating is failing.” – CBS News

AsianWeek“…brought together many couples who had been resistive about marriage in the first place..” – Asian Week

Logo_de_la_Agencia_EFE“…in a competitive society where career and work come first, Chen talks about establishing a family as the first step…” – EFE [Largest Spanish News Network]


World-renowned marriage and family expert Hellen Chen presents at Illuminations, Dubai her acclaimed Love Seminar! Chen’s marriage philosophies have been featured in over 200 media publications in 20 countries.

She has written 25 books on the subject of relationships and marriages and is a 3 times #1 bestselling author in the relationship and self-improvement genre. The two-day Love Seminar, open for singles and married men and women, teaches them to find true love and find a lasting relationship. The program includes

Day 1: In relationships, there is no perfection. But there can be deep satisfaction.

  • What is the secret to a successful and lasting relationship?
  • [For guys] Which male qualities truly impress women and make them love you?
  • [For ladies] What will attract men to pay attention to you and give you love?
  • What is the biggest mistake women make in a relationship?
  • What is the mistake men make that upset women without even knowing?
  • For singles, how to FIND your perfect match without wasting time to search endlessly?
  • How do you know if he or she is the right person for you?
  • How do you enjoy romance in a marriage even if you and your spouse are not the romantic type?

Day 2: The “good” can always become better. And problems are simply lessons to prepare you for experiencing deeper love.

  • Do you feel it is natural to have less romance and love especially if you are with your partner for a number of years? Hellen tells you the secret to keep the passion alive.
  • Are you going in and out of relationships and can’t find the RIGHT person? Learn the most important criteria you should be focusing on in your choice of partner.
  • How do you have LOVE and FAMILY without sacrificing your CAREER?
  • Having disagreements on money, children etc? Learn how you can resolve without the need to fight or compromise.
  • Do you feel you are already working hard and yet your partner does not appreciate you? Find out what you are missing and how to get his/her trust and respect.
  • Divorce and separation: learn to find out YOUR mistakes which you can avoid in the future.
  • Should you end a seemingly ‘hopeless’ relationship or give it a chance? Hellen tells you how YOU can know the best action to take.
  • How to make a ‘good’ relationship become even better for you and your partner?



Location: Illuminations Well-Being Center, 409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T, Plot T1, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Outside Dubai Marina MetroDate: 26th & 27th September, 2014

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Time: 10 am – 4pm on both days


2-Day Ticket: AED 1850/- per person
2-Day Couples Ticket: AED 2500/- per couple

If you cannot attend both days, you can get a single day ticket:

1-Day Ticket: AED 1250/- per person

For more information, please contact Illuminations at 04-4487043 or 800-HEAL



Success Stories from Attendees Around The World

“The seminar was such a blast! I’m so amazed to have learned so much from your speech.” – Joan H, Advertising Executive

“Because of certain factors which Hellen pointed out, I found that I have become not sensitive in relationships. This was great information – yes, it was what I needed!” – Kenneth G, Dentist

“I wish I have attended this class 10 years ago.” – Jimmy H, Computer Analyst

“Inspiring! It is helping me to view the weak points in my relationships!” – Pat B, CEO

“Today’s seminar totally changed my viewpoint about marriage. I have been married for 23 years, and because of what I learned today, I know I can enjoy romance with my husband for the rest of my life!” – Megan H, Housewife and Mother of 3

“I like Hellen’s way of teaching. She uses examples which I could understand. I learn how to love myself first and then find someone who can love me.” – Helen W, MBA Graduate

“I finally got married. Thank you Ms Chen!” – Simon C, Education Supervisor

“I can attest today that because of Hellen, my marriage has improved tremendously and still improving after all these years! – Shirley L, Service Professional

“I really like what Hellen said about ‘be honest.’ If I am honest with myself, I can change!” – Victoria K, Sales Manager

“Because of this matchmaker, my life is complete with my better-half.” – Cecilia H, Management Executive

“This seminar shocked me! Amazing! I do not need a house, money etc to get married.” – John Z, Media Executive

“This workshop is BRAVO! I know now how I should improve my relationship with others. I take away a lot today – this workshop really impresses me!” – Alex W, Engineer

“In order to be married, you need to just DO and CREATE it!” – Shirley E, Aerospace Professional

Who is Hellen Chen?


Hellen Chen is a multi-times #1 bestselling author, relationship master and is known as the “Matchmaker of the Century.”

Hellen has match-made for at least 100 men and women and has helped thousands more to find answers on how to have a lasting marriage.

She has written 25 books in family, marriage and personal developments and her works are featured in over 200 media publications in 20 countries including America, Taiwan, China, Spain, India, Finland, United Arab Emirates, etc.


As a highly sought-after performance coach in management, leadership and human relations, Chen has been invited to lecture all over the US and Asia, helping tens of thousands people obtain simple and workable solutions to otherwise complex life problems.

Hellen is happily married for over 25 years.

“In relationships, there is no Perfection.
But there can definitely be SATISFACTION!”
— Hellen Chen

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