How to Find True Love and Start a Successful Marriage

1. Do looks, social status and background of your partner matter?

  1. Is he/she good-looking?
  2. No chemistry — no love?
  3. Do you need someone with a similar education background?
  4. Personality is the most important aspect that is often missed.

2. No money = no love?

  1. What is security?
  2. No money = quarrel and fights?
  3. Poor = no love?
  4. The ability of a person weighs more than actual wealth.

3. Career first and love later?

  1. Will a relationship side-track your career?
  2. Marriage first and then date later.

4. Do you have to change your lifestyle and goals to fit your partners?

  1. Single = freedom?
  2. Habits and lifestyle
  3. Do you have to compromise?
  4. What are your priorities?
  5. True freedom comes after marriage

5. Dealing with objections from parents and future in-laws

  1. How to handle complicated family relations?
  2. How to deal with objections from family members?
  3. Be independent without hurting the other
  4. What is the “husband and wife” team?
  5. Know your bottomline.

6. How to build trust with your partner?

  1. Too many failed relationships making you hesitant on trusting?
  2. Be a friend to yourself first.
  3. Conquer fear.
  4. Communicate, understand and stay in love.

7. Marriage is a package

  1. Negative stories about marriage breakups
  2. How to make a relationship happy and lasting?
  3. Is living together considered the same as marriage?
  4. No sweat, no gain.
  5. Focus on your goal.
  6. Decision is the key.

8. What is a perfect match?

  1. Who is your Mr or Miss Right?
  2. Should both of you have similar interests?
  3. Dating longer cannot help you to make sure someone is right for you.
  4. Checklist – do your homework
  5. What is the ‘guarantee’ to have a good marriage?

9. Jump off the cliff – get married and be successful and happy!

  1. What if your boyfriend/girlfriend does not want to get married?
  2. Is it better to get married only when you get older?
  3. Are you taking care of someone else’s future spouse?
  4. Wondering if the next partner may be better for you?
  5. It takes passion and guts to get married.

10. Divorced/Single: how to find a new relationship?

  1. Give yourself a chance.
  2. How to approach someone you like?
  3. How to handle rejection?
  4. [For single parents] Whoever loves you will love your children too.
  5. Continue the journey to find your love

11. Summary

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